What to expect on your first visit to our Sunday Gathering

We understand that it can be intimidating to visit any place for the first time, this can be especially true for someone who comes to a new church.  Regular attenders often are so used to the way things go, we can forget that not everyone knows what to do or where to go, or what to do with their kids.  We hope this page will answer some frequently asked questions to make your experience less stressful.
Our Worship Gatherings begin at 9:00 am and 10:30 am on Sunday mornings.  We are located at 2746 Ocean Beach Highway in Longview, WA.  Parking is available on the South side of the building, but our larger parking area is located on the North side of the building, which is the back of the building in relationship to Ocean Beach Highway. Lowe’s allows Exodus to park in their parking lot if ours is full. Our van shuttles people from Lowe’s to Exodus starting at 10:10 am every sunday morning. The main entrance into our foyer is on the Northeast corner of the building.
Many people arrive as early as 30 minutes prior to the start of our gathering to visit and enjoy refreshments in the foyer.  Our WELCOME CENTER is open at 10:00 am every Sunday. You can visit the Welcome Center if you have questions about events, ministries to get involved with or sign up for events. We also offer drinks for purchase (coffee drinks, Italian sodas, hot chocolate) at our coffee bar.  
If you are bringing children with you, we offer several options for children of all ages.  For children ages 0-3, we offer nursery care from 8:45-10:15 and from 10:20 to the end of our 2nd gathering time.  We also have a cry room available with full view of the stage and a speaker system that allows you to hear what is happening in the Worship Center.  In addition, the sermon is broadcast on a television in the foyer.  Our first gathering (9:00 am)Exodus Children’s Ministry offers children ages 3-5th grade a light breakfast and playtime.  While our second gathering at 10:30 am offers a children’s church opening. After the opening the teachers lead their students to their classroom for crafts, games and a bible lesson geared towards them. If you are unsure of where your child’s class is usher’s are available to help you find your way.
During our gathering, we sing songs of worship to God.  Our Worship Team is made up completely of volunteers.  We have drums, guitars, keyboard, violin, and sometimes a cello.  We sing a wide variety of songs from hymns to contemporary choruses and even a few original songs written by members of our Worship Team.
In almost every gathering, we have a time of prayer during the singing.  We have a Prayer Team of 3-4 volunteers that stand on the sides in the front to meet you and pray with you.  We also have altars to the side of our stage for anyone who wishes to spend time in prayer at the altar by themselves. 
During our gathering, we receive tithes and offerings by passing a plate.  We see this as an act of worship and an opportunity to support the ministry of Exodus Christian Fellowship.  You are under no obligation to give, so please don’t feel pressured to do so. We also the ability for you to give on line through our Exodus APP. Text “EXODUSAPP” to 77977. 
In each gathering, we hear a sermon.  Our sermons are Bible centered and focused on helping every person to grow in their knowledge of God and in their relationship with Him.  Our pastors present the Word of God in an entertaining and relevant way with great emphasis on the life changing message of the gospel.  We offer fill in the blank sermon notes for those who wish to use them. 
On the first Sunday of every month, we alternate between Community Focus and Ministry Focus.  On our Community Focus Sundays, we invite a member of the community to come and share about something they are doing to impact our community.  Guests share opportunities for our people to get involved either in a hands on capacity or through financial giving and prayer.  Some examples of Community Focus have been (CASA, Meals on Wheels, Goodwill Back to Work program, and more).  On our Ministry Focus Sundays, we ask a ministry leader in our church to share about what God is doing in their ministry, and to give opportunity for our people to get involved.
On the third Sunday of every month, we celebrate Communion.  At Exodus, we practice open Communion, which means that anyone who is a follower of Jesus is welcome to receive Communion with us, you do not have to be a member.
Finally, there is no dress code at Exodus.  It is very much “Come as you are”.  On any given Sunday you will see t-shirts, shorts, slacks, dress shirts, polo shirts, dresses, skirts, etc.  Please don’t feel a need to “dress up” for church, wear whatever you are comfortable in.
We hope this page has answered at least a few of your questions.  If you have any other questions, please email our church office at exoduscf@hotmail.com