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Each of our groups are Sermon Based.  Every week, our pastor(or whoever is preaching that week) provides questions based on the idea taught in the sermon, a passage of Scripture designed to take us further in our understanding of the topic, and more questions about that passage.  Group members are encouraged to answer the questions and do the reading before they come to their meeting, s
o that their answers come from thoughtful reflection with God’s help rather than immediate reaction.
Why sermon based groups?  To us it’s about choosing laser focus over spaghetti focus.  If you throw spaghetti against the wall, some will stick, but some will end up on the floor, but a laser is focused and specific.  We believe that God wants to teach us important truths from His Word.  It is difficult to understand any truth that we only deal with for 30 minutes before moving on.  While there are many great devotionals and studies, we found that many people were overwhelmed by 4 or 5 different messages coming their way each week.  They got something out of all of them, but didn’t fully grasp any of them.  By spending more time on a specific sermon, we give the Holy Spirit more time to help us understand how we should respond to Him and His truth.

Small Groups

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